Full-time Living & Travel in our Prison Bus Conversion

03 Nov 2020

2018 project update! ...

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We're officially full-time tiny living and traveling in our 31 foot 1989 Chevy retired prison bus conversion. We've traveled over 5,000 miles through 22 states so far. Our goal on this first trip was not only to see beautiful places but test out the bus, out patience and our systems in order to decide what works and what doesn't. We're taking notes, adapting & evolving to become more efficient with our long-term mobile lifestyle.

We quit our 9-5 jobs in December, 2017 after spending a few years paying off debt, saving money, building our mobile skills and building our bus house. Our plan is to finish the conversion over the summer and continue to travel the US & Canada. Keep in touch as we roam & thank you for watching!

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