Hack WiFis Easily With These Tools

25 Jul 2021

WiFis can be a good way into a companies network; it can lead to man-in-the-middle and other attacks which make it a very attractive target for attackers. But how can we identify vulnerabilities in our own wireless network?

In this video I'm showing you multiple tools that you can use to assess the security of a wireless network.

Wireless networks can be prone to hacking attacks, so it is important for us as penetration tester to identify the vulnerabilities before the bad guys can.

Aircrack-NG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiCkxC_Hbf4
- complete suite of tools to assess wifi network security
- packet capture
- replay attacks, deauth, evil twin and more
- crack WEP and WPA1+WPA2
- runs on linux, windows, OSX, FreeBSD etc

Kismet: https://nsrc.org/workshops/2010/kenet-nsrc/raw-attachment/wiki/WorkshopFile/wireless_05b_security_-_tools_&_resources_KENET_2010.pdf
- detects networks and devices
- can sniff out traffic
- detect wireless intrusion
- can also be used for wardriving
- works with multiple interfaces like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Software Edinged radio and more
- runs on linux, OSX and partially on windows (in the WSL)
- it can work in a distributed manner → kismet servers running on remote devices reporting back to central server → can be used for intrusion detection

WiFite: https://github.com/derv82/wifite2
- runs existing wireles auditing tools for you
- used to gather passwords from wifi access points for WPS, WPA and WEP
- Specifically designed for Kali, but Parrot is also supported
- set up is manuall and tedious by using python and installing tools + requirements
- it basically is a framework to control other wifi tools like the aircrack-ng suite

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