TIMELAPSE- Couple Builds House in 20 Minutes

03 Nov 2020

*Check out the pinned comment for a link to Part 2 of this video!*This marks our 1 year anniversary of selling it all to move off-grid and build our own home. For the past year we have lived in a 30' RV as a family of 5. Josh has continued to work full time, commuting 2 hours to and from work in the city so we can pay for the build with cash and remain debt free. Meanwhile, I have been caring for the kids, the household and running the farm. In the evenings we come together to build the house. This video shows our progress throughout the first year sped up as to only take 20 minutes to view. You can see ALL the progress we have made since this video, including what you see in the thumbnail, on our channel. Each individual project is broken down to its own video where you get a better look at each step. Thanks for watching! Be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!* We will continue documenting every step of the build after this timelapse so be sure to stick around*Thanks for watching!

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